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Department Head
Phone No.
 Office of the Mayor  Hon. Bartolome R. Ramos
 Municipal Mayor
(044)641-1601  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Vice Mayor  Hon. Russel G. Pleyto
 Municipal Vice Mayor
(044)641-2392  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Secretary of the  Sangguniang Bayan

 Evelyn B. Dilag
 Secretary to the Sangguniang Bayan

(044)641-5186  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Administrator  Josephine R. King
 Municipal Administrator
(044)641-0353  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Engineer  Engr. Carmelita G. Guevarra
 Municipal Engineer
(044)641-4979  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Assessor  Marino Lizaso III
 Municipal Assessor
(044)641-1998  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Accountant  Elizabeth B. Mendoza
 Municipal Accountant
(044)641-4906  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Budget  Emerenciana B. Gallardo
 Municipal Budget Officer
(044)641-4374  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Treasurer  Zenaida H. Cinco
 Municipal Treasurer
(044)641-3288  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Planning and  Development  Fortunata A. Lorenzo
 Municipal Planning and Development  Officer
(044)641-4933  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Agriculture  Imelda A. Eugenio
 Municipal Agriculturist
(044)641-0488  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Environment and  Natural Resources  Rommel Z. Enriquez
 MENRO Officer
(044)288-2669  smb_menro@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Social Welfare  and Development  Sandra E. Fabi
 MSWD Officer
(044)641-1981  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Municipal Health Office  Dra. Estelita G. Bautista
 Municipal Health Officer
(044)641-3371  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Municipal Civil Registry  Enriqueta E. Serapio
 Municipal Registrar
(044)641-1429  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Human Resource  Management  Primo F. Santos Jr.
 HRM Officer III
(044)641-4140  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Permit and Licensing Unit  Myrna V. Lopez
 Designated Licensing Officer
(044)288-2785  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Procurement Unit  Marian P. Bautista
 Supply Officer III
(044)641-5861  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Public Employment Service Office /  Population Office  Elvie N. Cruz
 Officer in charge
(044)288-2653  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Nutrition Unit  Rosalinda S. Policarpio
 Officer in charge
(044)288-2624  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Management Information System Unit  Elvira G. Laurenciana
 MIS Staff
(044)641-0652  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Senior Citizen  Carmen V. Salvador
 Officer in charge
(044)288-2604  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Barangay Affairs  Rodolfo D. Casas
 ABC President
(044)288-2625  LnBstamaria@yahoo.com
 Santa Maria Traffic Management Unit  Marcelino A. Malibiran
 Officer in charge
(044)641-0369  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Office of the Public Market  Silvestre I. Luciano
 Officer in charge
(044)641-3372  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com
 Public Slaughterhouse Unit  Arnel M. Garcia
 Officer in charge
(044)288-3372  itc_stamaria@yahoo.com

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